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Beer List

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Drafts, Bottles, and Cans arranged from Light & Crisp to Dark er & Full Bodied

Crisp Ales & Lagers

Paradise Park, Urban South

American Lager – New Orleans, LA – 4.52% abv$5.00

Great Raft, Southern Drawl

DRAFT: American Lager – Shreveport, LA – 5.20% abv$6.00

Who Dat Urban South

Golden Ale – New Orleans, LA – 5.04% abv$6.00


DRAFT: American Lager – New Orleans, LA – 4.2% abv$5.00

Whites, Wheats & Blondes

7th Street Wheat, NOLA

DRAFT: Lemon Basil Wheat – New Orleans, LA – 4.5% abv$7.00

Blonde Ale, NOLA

DRAFT: American Blonde Ale – New Orleans, LA – 4.9% abv$6.00

Sours & Cider

Lil' Miss Sour, Chandeleur Island

Tangerine Sour – Gulfport, MS – 6.0% abv$7.00

JK's Organic Scrumpy Cider

Organic Farmhouse Cider- Almar Orchards, Flushing, MI – 6% abv$8.00

Pale Ales

Jucifer IPA, Gnarly Barley

DRAFT: Juicy Hazy IPA - Hammond, LA - 6.0% abv$9.00

Hopitoulas, NOLA

DRAFT: India Pale Ale – New Orleans, LA – 6.0% abv$8.00

Envie Parish Brewing Co.

16 oz CaN: American Pale Ale – New Orleans, LA – 5.0% abv$7.00

Dark Beer

Reasonably Corrupt Great Raft

Black Lager – Shreveport, LA – 5.5% abv$7.00

BBQ Oyster Po-boy honored as the 8-time "Best Oyster Po Boy"

- Oak Street Poboy Festival

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