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Fresh Gulf Seafood & Seasonal Produce

Out on the Oyster BoatFresh Oysters right out of the waterOysters ready to shuckFisherman talking about the fresh oystersFreshly Shucked OysterBounty of Fish Chef Haley Bittermann & CrewBeautiful Day to Go FishingFresh Gulf Fish Gulf Fish ready to cook up!Fresh Covey Rise Farm TomatoesWide variety of Covey Rise Farms tomatoes for Red Fish dishesFresh Red Snapper off the boatFresh Covey Rise Farms heirloom tomatoesBeautiful Gulf tunaPurple and green okra from Covey Rise FarmsLocally grown carrots from Covey Rise FarmsLouisiana satsumas fresh from the farmSoft-shell crab season is a favorite!Fresh Mahi Mahi from American SeafoodRedfish on our wood-fired grillFresh Oysters behind the barPattypan SquashCreole Tomatoes

"Top 5 Seafood Restaurants" in New Orleans

- The Daily Meal

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