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Turn Famine to Feast

In the weeks following Jan. 1, New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier can keep diners at home or lead them only to restaurants that serve lighter food. That presents a challenge for restaurants serving heavy cuisine, such as the rich Creole fare served at Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group’s seven New Orleans-area restaurants.

To meet demand for healthy options, RBRG restaurants offer a spa plate promotion, which features dishes of lean protein, whole grains, vegetables and lighter sauces. For example, Cafe Bin Metairie, Louisiana, offers gulf shrimp with a light Creole tomato sauce and green onion quinoa, while Red Fish Grill in New Orleans serves wood-grilled lemon fish with roasted Roma tomatoes, grilled red onions, sauteed baby spinach and tarragon-Dijon vinaigrette. 

RBRG runs the promotion in tandem with a companywide weight loss competition for employees, Get Fit with Ralph, which Brennan launched in 2012.


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