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By Paul Oswell

What's the idea behind one of the most respected culinary names in New Orleans? Simple. "Serving Louisiana's bounty gives the soulfulness to every dish."

Ralph Brennan knows of what he speaks. For a man with five acclaimed restaurants, culinary prowess that runs in his genes, and a literal lifetime of experience, you'd suspect there's more to the formula. And there is another key aspect that drives his work: pleasing customers.

"I'm in the people business," says Brennan. "I tell every staff member at all of my restaurants that we're there to deliver a total dining experience. It goes beyond the food, and I tell them they should strive for the thrill of making our customers happy."

Of course, you don't become a legendary restauranteur in a town like New Orleans without a nod to some incredible food. Food matters here even more than it does in gastronomic hot spots such as New York or San Francisco.

"Food is ingrained in New Orleans life," says Brennan. "It's in the culture if you live here. And if you visit, it's what you do when you arrive."


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